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How do you... in Romania

Perhaps, like me, you have wasted a lot of time in line doing something administrative only to find that you were missing a document. This takes time from your ministry helping Romania. As I found as an Army Captain, written procedures and sharing knowledge lets you live a more productive life. Liv-n-LetLiv would like to be the most comprehensive "How do you" pages on the Internet.

Scope of these pages. Romania is a country that is still under transition, so for most of the things you need to do, there is no written policy for how to do it and many officials that don't know how. These items are things that you may want to do sometime when you are living in Romania.

Caveat. There is no guarantee that things haven't changed since the item was last performed, and the interpretation of the law may be different in your Judet.

Please contribute your knowledge. If you would like to assist the spread of the Kingdom of God by facilitating the work of your co-laborers, please send me "How do you" information that applies to your Judet. If you find any changes to these procedures, please let me know.

Task Judet
Registering a car (persona fizica) TM
Getting items through customs at airports. B (Otopeni)
Getting a Visa and Legitimatie AG,TM
Legalizing a document from another country. B
Getting married TM,Buc
Legalizing a document from Romania for another country. B
Getting permission to work at an orphanage . TM
Getting a visa for a Romanian . Romania

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