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Laurent J. LaBrie

Laurent J. LaBrie II

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A Biographical Sketch

as of 2006


Masters of Science, Biomedical Engineering, RPI/HGC (1992-1995)
Masters of Science, Business Administration, Boston University (1987-1990)
Emergency Medical Technician-B, Pikes Peak Community College (1986)
Bachelors of Science, Electrical Engineering, Lehigh University (1981-1985)


  • Economic Developer, Self-employed  (1997 to 2006)

Teach computer skills and HTML programming to children in a tuberculosis hospital in Romania, promote and market the needs of the children and the medical system. Ministry has grown from being run by one American donor to the point that it is now a multi-national collaboration. Directed a ministry developing 60 children with AIDS or tuberculosis in 2 Romanian hospitals. Developed HIVAnonim, Romania's leading site about AIDS. Founded, maintain, and promote, since 4/2001 the largest and one of the most popular Romanian Christian Libraries on the Internet according to Lycos, Google, and Yahoo!. Develop and promote Casa Biblica's Christian bookstore on the Internet rated #1 in Italy in 2001 by the same search engines. Organized a virtual society to encourage ethical Christian missionaries that has been listed first by the major search engines since 3/2001. Gave a training presentation entitled "Cooperative Education" to 32 secondary school principles. Author "Justice in practice" Christian Management Report, January 2002. First author, "An inside look at a peer evaluation system", Christian Management Report, July/August 1998, "Discerning Justice in the Workplace" Christian Management Report, October 2001, and "Emotional and Attitude development of children" (published in Romanian and Hungarian) Lydia, August 2003. Author, "Persecuted Christians may need better skills",Good News for Christians in Public Service, May 1999.

Affiliations:  Country Representative, Least of These International Ministries (2004);   Romanian Program Director, Go Ye Fellowship (1998-2004);  Board Member, Societate Pentru Copii si Parinti (SCOP) (1999-2000)   President and Director, Fundatia Echipele Medicale (FEM 1997-1998); Program Developer, World Emergency Relief (1997-1998).  Supervised 3 employees.

  • European Director, Northwest Medical Teams, International (1997)

In charge of developing medical programs and procuring funding in Uzbekistan, providing assistance to hospital in Moldova, and directing comprehensive child development programs in 10 Romanian orphanages and veterinary work in Iraq. In Romania, reduced staff expenses from 25% to 8% of budget at an organization providing $1 million in aid annually. While with FEM, tripled the activity of the organization and increased the number of children receiving Biblical education by 129%. Sick-days lost and employee turnover were 0% while productivity was 50% higher than one of Romania's largest humanitarian organizations. Reorganized supply accountability system to enable identification and elimination of loss.  Supervised 7 employees.
  • Disaster Relief Coordinator, Northwest Medical Teams, International (1996)

Organized an assistance program valued at $121,000 for a hospital in southwestern Rwanda. On behalf of persecuted kurds, appeared before members of the United States State Department, Justice Department, and Leon Furth of the Vice President's Office, contributing to the successful kurdish rescue mission. Authored and submitted 3 grant proposals. Assessed community development needs in southeastern Mexico and made a proposal for assistance. Organized a disaster response program and wrote a 130 page procedural manual. Co-author, "Mechanical properties of the respiratory system and work of breathing in oleic acid induced lung injury in the rat", Anaesthesia and Intensive Care in Italy, Vol. 47, Fasc. 2. 1996.

Directed 27 technicians in the logistical support of 35 operating rooms. Promoted the section from customer dis-satisfaction to "Solid overall performance". No deficiencies noted on Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH) survey and inspection by the College of American Pathologists. Reorganized the annual personnel evaluation program for the department, championing TQM philosophy of customer and peer reviews. Led the design and implementation of training programs, editing training manuals, and graduating 4 students. Praised by subordinates for pioneering the department's Total Quality Management (TQM) movement. Sick-time decreased 50% and increased workforce by one full-time equivalent, reducing personnel costs $30,000. Subsequent to departure, sick-time showed a marked increase. First author, First author, "Automated in-vivo measurement of quasi-static lung compliance in the rat", Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology, January/February 1996.

Served as operating room clinical engineer. Developed and conducted customer satisfaction surveys, analyzed results, and recommended procedures to improve service. In the lab, developed auditory and lung function testing equipment. Supervised two students in the evaluation of ventilation techniques. Supervised one physician in the evaluation of auditory diagnostic techniques. Praised as being invaluable in restoring one employee's interpersonal skills.

  • Independent Consultant, Vicenza, Italy (1990-1991)

Studied, evaluated and assisted operations, management, automation, and sales training in three Italian companies.

  • Captain, Officer-in-Charge, U.S. Army Europe Contingency Hospital (1987-1990)

Redesigned this 100 bed hospital, established by the U.S. Congress to deploy to a disaster location within 18 hours of notification. Re-engineering included power distribution, maintenance of medical equipment and vehicles (total value: $2 million), supply stockage requirements, and automation. Directed 3 deployments to Turkey and Venice, Italy. "Proactive teamwork resulted in close ties with [my] employees and peers alike." Managed 13 soldiers and civilians.  Received Army Commendation Medal and 7th Medical Command Award for Excellence.

  • Property Management and Services Officer, U.S. Army Hospital (1987-1990)

As property management officer, office which failed a general inspection later performed perfectly on an inspection by the JCAHO, reduced annual property loss 95%.  Received Army Achievement Medal

  • Medical Officer, U.S. Army (1986).  

Officer in charge of medical support for the 2/34 Armor Battalion.  Received Army Commendation Medal. Read "Centurions First!"

Professional Affiliations:

National Eagle Scout Association
Secretary, Toastmasters International
Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator, Troop 21 Boy Scouts of America
Volunteer Area Coordinator and Representative, Compassion International(1993-5)


Born on Long Island, New York, LJ has lived in 14 locations from Texas to Michigan, Washington to Romania. He is an Eagle Scout and was a disk jockey and active in the Ohio River Valley Junior Achievement. He is fluent in Italian, Romanian, and French, and can get by in Spanish. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, weightlifting, and good food. He is always ready with his idea of where the financial markets are headed.  In the Summer of 2002, Laurent and Aurelia Dogar wed in Timisoara, Romania

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