Abstract: With Northwest Medical Teams, Laurent J. LaBrie conducted programs in child development for Romanian children who were in orphanages in Bucharest and other places in southern Romania. Now, a child who is an orphan can benefit from their ministry at a center in a hospital near Curtea de Arges

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Romanian Orphanages


The Purpose of our Romanian Child Development Program is to demonstrate the love of Christ to children in targeted orphanages. Specifically, we will improve the quality of life within the orphanage and develop the children mentally, emotionally, physically, professionally, and spiritually.


The basic survival needs--food, clothing, and shelter, are obtained primarily from the Romanian government. Our contributions to basic survival needs will be supplemental. The long-term needs and medical and dental services will be our focus. These are the areas of concern, where we have had programs and/or would like to start programs.

Mental Development:

Conventional education
Infant Massage

Emotional Development:

Counseling programs
Infant early development programs.

Physical Development:

Medical Teams
Dental Teams
Nutritional program

Professional Development:

Vocational training
High school training
Micro-enterprise development
Mentoring: including how to act professionally, how to interview for a job, etc.

Spiritual Development:

Bible Clubs

Yardsticks to Monitor:

Percentage of children leaving orphanage get jobs in first 6 months after leaving.
Percentage of children from orphanage that still have a job after 12 months.
Number of children who receive our development in each of the 5 areas.
Percentage of children in the orphanages who receive our development in each of the 5 areas.
Direct nutritional program measurement (e.g. height/weight)

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LJ's work (while with Northwest Medical Teams) in the news:

Sullivan J. Return to Romania. The Spokesman-Review . Spokane, Washington. 9 February 1997, p. A1.
Sullivan J.
Into the heart of darkness. The Spokesman-Review . Spokane, Washington. 20 October 1996, p. H1.

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