Abstract: Joe J. Langer presents his recommendation for Laurent J. LaBrie, a manager who served him as an officer in the United States Army Medical Department. As chief of logistics for the Contingency Hospital, Mr. Langer testifies that Mr. LaBrie managed with great efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism.

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Laurent J. LaBrie

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29 March 2004

SUBJECT: Recommendation for Laurent J. LaBrie

1. Lieutenant LaBrie worked for me in the late-1980s when I was the Chief, Medical Logistics Division, US Army Medical Department Activity, Vicenza, Italy. Laurent served as the Chief, Property Management Branch and was responsible for all property management matters to include major equipment purchases. Laurent had an additional duty as the medical logistics officer for the US Army Europe Contingency Hospital (UCH). During his assignment, he was a critical factor in the successful deployment of the UCH, for exercise purposes, for only the second time in its history. He performed all of his duties with great efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism. He was a stellar officer who could be counted on to accomplish the tough jobs.

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