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Laurent J. La Brie II


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/Hartford Graduate Center, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
M.S. Biomedical Engineering, 1995 (University of Connecticut Health Center Internship)

Boston University, Vicenza, Italy
M.S. Business Administration, 1989 (Army Scholarship)

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA
B.S. Electrical Engineering, 1985 (4 Year Army ROTC Scholarship)

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1992 to Present
Portfolio Engineer
Longs, Shorts and Mini-Skirts

  • Managed wealth portfolios via newsletter and active management worth $2 million. Over the past 13.75 years through August 2011, average annual return for a pure equity portfolio has been +16%, compared to +4% for the stock market. Earned Series 66 license.
  • My recommendations were trackedd on Motley Fool. Due to the limitations of the website, performance differs from those of reality, but when the portfolios closed, two were in the top 1%ile in performance.
  • 2009 to Present
    Clinical Engineer
    Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Perform design, modification, fabrication and installation of existing and newly acquired clinical engineering equipment and devices. Provide assistance to clinical areas assuring that such equipment meets established operation and performance standards. Responsible for investigations of patient incidents.
  • 2006 to 2009
    Clinical Engineer
    University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Responsible for out-year requirement forecasting, programming and planning of all major medical technology capital requirements for the UMMC. Average monthly budget $300,000.
  • Develop detailed conceptual and feasibility studies for specific medical technology initiatives.
  • Provide project management leadership to determine the viability, costs, benefits and time-line of current technology in place versus proposed projects.
  • Perform planning in coordination with clinical leadership and all UMMC planning functions, including strategic, clinical, space, infrastructure/building systems, telecommunications, information technology, purchasing, finance and medical equipment replacement planning.
  • Develop and maintain current access to expert knowledge of evolving and emerging medical technologies and provide consultation to clinicians and leadership.
  • Started and led a 50-member safety alert group for devices and supplies.
  • 2006
    Director of Equipment Planning
    Marshall Craft Associates, Baltimore, Maryland

    Directed the equipment planning for construction and renovation of health care facilities. Successfully led equipment planning projects for

  • VIP rooms at the National Naval Medical Center (Bethesda Naval Hospital) medical offices for Hanover Hospital,
  • medical offices for Hanover Hospital,
  • imaging renovation at Peninsula Regional Medical Center,
  • psychiatric rooms for the University of Maryland Medical System Emergency Department,
  • and the pharmacy at the National Institution of Health/National Institute of Aging.
  • Created standardized equipment plans for future hospital planning. Assisted in development of Microsoft Access database of hospital equipment.

    1997 to 2006

    Program Manager. Led an average of 3 employees in an effort to assist the strategic development of the Romanian healthcare system on-line and in hospitals. My market analysis directs country-based marketing, client communications and sales strategies. Implement vision and leadership to manage and develop necessary projects through effective budgeting and scheduling. Organize PR and sales events. Manage technical and marketing issues necessary for the operations of 5 new health educational websites, including Romania's leading site overall about AIDS.

  • Creativity, research effort and analytical management ensured that sites experienced 10,000 unique visitors per employee-month in FY 2004. (Better known websites received about 12,000 at a cost 10 times higher.)
  • Earned Toastmasters International's first Competent Toastmaster communication award in Italian.
  • Publishing. Author "Justice in practice" The Management Report, January 2002. First author, "An inside look at a peer evaluation system", The Management Report, July/August 1998, "Discerning Justice in the Workplace" The Management Report, October 2001, and "Emotional and Attitude development of children" (published in Romanian and Hungarian) Lydia, August 2003.

    President and Director, Fundatia Echipele Medicale (FEM)
    European Director, Northwest Medical Teams, International (1997)

    Read my supervisor's evaluation of my job performance in this position.

    Manager of 7 team members, a budget of $1 million in annual aid, and development of country-specific plans, strategies and operations. Helped plan and contracted for a new assistance development project at a hospital in Moldova and was assigned veterinary work in Iraq. Ensured the implementation of a supply accountability system to enable identification and elimination of loss.
  • Tripled productivity to 50% higher than one of Romania's largest organizations in the humanitarian industry.
  • Increased scheduled educational programs by 129%.
  • Implementation of interpersonal skills reduced team member turnover and sick-days to under 5%.
  • 1996
    Disaster Relief Coordinator, Northwest Medical Teams, International, Inc. Portland, Oregon, USA

    Read my supervisor's evaluation of my job performance in this position.

    Ensured the effective planning, organization and execution of a medical project valued at $121,000 for a hospital in southwestern Rwanda. Had the opportunity to participate in the sales and marketing of corporate projects. Wrote a 157 page a disaster response procedural manual. Contributed to necessary market analysis and new micro-business planning in Mexico.
  • Effective communication with members of the U.S. State Department, the Justice Department, and Leon Furth of the Vice President's Office, led to the successful Kurdish rescue mission.(See Chicago Tribune (p. 10) and Washington Post (p. A17), October 31, 1996.)

    First author, "Automated in-vivo measurement of quasi-static lung compliance in the rat", Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology, January/February 1996. Co-author, "Mechanical properties of the respiratory system and work of breathing in oleic acid induced lung injury in the rat", Anaesthesia and Intensive Care in Italy, Vol. 47, Fasc. 2. 1996.

  • 1995
    Technical Manager, University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

    Read my supervisors' evaluations of my job performance in this position.

    Directed 27 technicians and union employees assigned to logistically support 35 operating rooms in a matrixed healthcare system. Led the design and implementation of a successful technician training program, coordinated the execution of a training manual, and graduated 4 people. Responsible for federal I.D.E. implant device regulation program. Took the opportunity to effectively lead the organization of the department's annual personnel evaluation program around a strong TQM philosophy of supervisor, customer and periodically scheduled peer reviews. Department's interface with sales representatives for necessary products. Organized a customer communications project that strengthened my team's rating from dis-satisfaction to "Solid overall performance."
  • Reduced call response time to under my manager's goal of 7 minutes, respectable in the industry.
  • No deficiencies noted on Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH) survey and a scheduled inspection by the College of American Pathologists.
  • Skills in interpersonal issue resolution contributed to the 50% reduction of sick-time, increasing the workforce by one full-time equivalent and reducing personnel costs $30,000.
  • Demonstrated technical communication skills by presenting at the National Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.
  • Effective extra effort was rewarded with compensation that increased greater than the organization's average.
  • 1992-1995
    Engineer and Research Assistant, University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT, USA

    Contributed as operating room clinical engineer and life science researcher. Developed and conducted customer satisfaction surveys, analyzed results, and recommended procedures to improve service. Supervised two people to analyze ventilation techniques and one physician to analyze auditory diagnostic techniques. To the medical products industry, communicated findings from the successful development of my pulmonary product.

    Captain, United States Army, Hospital Administrator, US Army Europe Contingency Hospital, Livorno, Italy

    Read my supervisor's evaluation of my job performance in this position.

    Assigned to this 100-bed hospital, established by the U.S. Congress to deploy to a mass casualty within 18 hours of notification. Effectively communicated with higher-level headquarters regarding the issues and status of the hospital. In second position, as Property Management Officer in Vicenza, was assigned responsibility for the equipment budget of healthcare facilities in 5 countries and the service contracts for the hospital. Led 3 deployments in Turkey and Italy. Managed 13 soldiers and civilians in a Fortune 500 level environment that was strongly people-oriented and matrixed. Had overall responsibility for the organization and execution of power distribution, maintenance support of medical equipment and vehicles (total value: $2 million), supplies, property accounting, and automation products.
  • Honored as among the top 10% of Army officers by being presented 2 Commendations, the 7th Medical Command Award for Excellence, and an Army Achievement Medal.
  • My teams which had failed a general logistics inspection later performed perfectly on an inspection by the JCAHO.








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    Medical Officer, U.S. Army (1986). Officer in charge of medical support for the 2/34 Armor Battalion. Received Army Commendation Medal. Read "Centurions First!"

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