Abstract: Essays on God's grace, building bridges of grace, Italy and Romania, missionary character, sanctification, and what a missionary must know to minister to Italians and Romanians.

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  • God
  • Salvation and Christian maturity
  • Love
  • Being a missionary
  • Economy and investing
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    Category:  God

    August 2003
    The Surprising Grace of Jesus Christ
    August 2003
    The Four Dimensions of God's Glory.
    August 2003
    God is a missionary God

    Category:  Salvation & Christian maturity

    December 2004
    Contentment: How then do we Liv?
    December 2004
    Contentment, Part 2: True Joy, straining the baby from the bathwater.
    June 2004
    Sanctification is by works?
    June 2004
    Mental Rehearsing's Role in Sanctification
    July 2003
    Water baptism and salvation
    Leaning on the Everlasting Arms: A Devotional

    Enjoying Our Gifts: A Devotional

    Category:  Love

    November 2004
    Returning the giving to Thanksgiving
    November 2004
    Bridging canyons.
    September 2003
    Building Bridges of Grace
    December 2003
    Christmas vs. hedonism
    September 2002
    The cross without the crossing: modern day ethics

    Grace-focused vs. knowledge-focused

    January 2002
    Justice in the Workplace
    A Biblical System for Resolving Personnel Issues

    October 2001
    Discerning Justice in the Workplace:
    How We Need to Establish Caring Systems on the Job

    January 2002

    Romanian faiths and their impact on society

    May 1999

    Persecuted Christians May Need Better Skills

    July/August 1998

    An Inside Look at a PEER EVALUATION SYSTEM

    Category:  Being a Missionary

    July 2006
    An ex-missionary corrects his church.
    September 2005
    Leading missionaries.
    April 2005
    Reach the world: God's Call 
    April 2005
    Reach the world: The problem of poor discipleship and church planting
    April 2005
    Reach the world: The uniqueness of our message 
    April 2005
    Reach the world: Self-Glorifying Churches Impede the Gospel Message 
    March 2005
    How to reach a people group: Understanding cultures
    March 2005
    How to reach a people group: Orienting the message to the culture
    April 2004
    The character of a missionary should include: apostolic passion, acceptance of diversity in the Body, brotherly love, a teachable attitude, education and reason, flexibility, and the ability to delegate and exit
    October 2003
    Ministering to Italians:
    Portraits of Italian culture and Ministry, Love, Flattery, and Women. What we can expect from Italy
    When Italians cross the bridge:
    Some similarities between Romanian and Italian sides of the bridge:  Skepticism and the Economy

    December 2001

    Romania's intellectual capital and my emotional capital

    15 July 2001
    Romania  (Century XXII) and Portugal (Century XVII):  Historical Parallels

    Category:  Economy and Investing

    February 2005
    Titanic Economy: What is in the future for the US Dollar and Economy?
    How my investment methods compare to Warren Buffett's

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