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Romanian orphan children
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Go Ye Fellowship
in Romania 

is determined to be the ministry of choice for people of integrity who desire to provide the youth of Romania with the grace of the Gospel and hope for a better tomorrow.

WHAT The education of the Romanian youth is our focus. We impart hope for this life and that to come
WHEN The urgency of our work is clear. We are primarily concerned with the present for these children are in risk of losing their future.
HOW If we cannot do what we do through relationships and with integrity, we will not do it.
WHY Our stance is clear and unmistakable. The reason for our work is the Glory of God.
WHERE Touching all of Southern Romania from centers in Timisoara and Curtea de Arges
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The Year of Our Lord 2001
Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2001

Valea Iasului Hospital

Summer school begun. 
Christian Life and computer classes continue.


Work continues through an alliance with Greater Europe Mission 

Community Education

Youth group and English, computer, and Bible lessons study continue.


Integrity InterNetwork prospers. 
Articles are published. 
Romania's largest Christian eAddress book grows. 
Casa Biblica and iBiblioteca become the industry leaders 



A Glimpse into 2002

Italian work.

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Spiritual Winds of Change in Southcentral Europe

There is a great battle waging in the midst of Protestant circles as many return to biblical Christianity.  The battle is between knowledge-focused and love-focused Christianity.

On one side, you have those who believe that what is most important is what you know.  If you know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, then you will get to Heaven.  It doesn't matter if that is the Way you follow as long as you mentally assend to the idea.  You will here these people say, "The Orthodox and Catholics are not with us because they think they can talk to Mary and the dead."

On the other side are the love-focused.  They believe that all who love the Lord above all else are saved.  You are in the family of God based on whom you are following.  They accept believers of all denominations.  They love their knowledge-focused brothers but don't accept their knowledge.  This makes the love non-reciprocal.

I will take a stab at apologetics and hope to explain why the knowledge-focused theology is unscriptural, harmful, and repeatedly a failure in society after society.

Why is there a need for this discussion?  From the seat of a middle-to-upper class American white female, you probably wouldn't even have considered the question relevant until September 11, 2001.  The churches in the USA has basically rediscovered its biblical roots with some notable exceptions--pockets of legalistic prejudism.  The time of change coincided with the civil rights movements of the 60's and the love generation of the 70's.  Christians born in that era grew in very different from their parents in the World War years.  The racist, sexist, religious churches died off and have been slowly replaced by ecumenical grace-loving groups.  Groups of which I was a member included the Navigators, InterVarsity, Officer's Christian Fellowship, and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  For them, a person's thoughts (and hence denominiational preference) were much less significant in their salvation than a decision "for Christ", "to follow the way," "to be born again," or any other phrase indenominational time and place.

America is a mission sending country and that makes all the difference in the religious climate.  The missionaries that are sent from any country more religious than their home country as a whole.  Sociological studies give us the etiology of this phenomenon:  the more religious and legalistic a group is, the more money and resources go to mission works--the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Brethren.    Their beliefs may be vastly different as these three will argue they are, but their degree of religious fervor for those beliefs is similar.  Fervent extremists impact the world much more than the moderates, as Moslems are quick to point out after the September actions of Osama bin Laden.

The battle of interest is pertinent in the countries where these religious zealots are now being presented with the Gospel of God's grace.  People are leaving the knowledge-focused legalistic groups en masse, and this has drawn the retribution of those faithful to their cause.  We will see why soon.

God prefers a love-focus                             Skip to Society prefers love to knowledge

  The first commandment of our Savior, Jesus Christ, is to "love the Lord  your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind,  and with all your strength." The second is to "love your  neighbor as yourself."(v. 31)  We see in this passage a scribe who affirms  the truth of Jesus's words.  A knowledge-focused person would consider  him saved, but does Jesus?  No.  He says, "You are not far   from the kingdom of God."  Deciding to actually follow Jesus in these  commandments is he would have entered the Kingdom, the blood of Jesus covering the times he strayed,(I John 1:7) which we all do.(Romans 3:23)  No works could ever achieve this.(Ephesians 2:8-9)  Other Scripture confirms that salvation comes by a change of "heart", the Greek symbol for "will".(I John 1:6; 2:3; 3:24; 5:1-5, 11-12, 18; Luke 9:23-24; Matthew 7:21-23 19:16-26;  Mark 8:34-35; II Timothy 2:11-12)  There is no place in the Holy Scriptures  stating that you are saved by correct thinking, in fact we saw  that Jesus refutes this.

The knowledge one needs is that you come to saving faith by loving the Lord above all else and accepting His blood sacrifice for your sins.  The results of this step of faith are knowledge and works as love motivates you to read His Word and obey.  If not, your faith is dead.(James 2)

Society prefers love to knowledge            Skip to Church growth prefers love to knowledge

Because knowledge focused theology is not supported in Scripture, it is harmful to many.  First, the more man becomes religious, the harder it is to humbly admit his error and turn back.  Someone who thinks he is saved does not want to listen to the Gospel.  It is much easier to bring an agnostic to Christ than a Muslim, Mormon, or unsaved legalist.  Misleading them with knowledge-focused doctrine hardens the heart.  Secondly, making people believe that they can follow any path they want as long as they know Jesus is the right way makes someone believe and confess that they are Christian while they indulge in sin.  This offends God, ruins the witness, does no good for the individual, and harms the economy, society, family, and self.  Thus, this belief-system is a stumbling block that should be corrected from the pulpit.

  A person is not generally attracted to others because they are intelligent.  However, one is attracted to people who love him.  Take marriage,  for example.  Few women marry a man because he is smart but because he pays attention to her and makes her feel loved.  Men are even less attracted to smart women because of the male ego.  (In fact, statistics show that marriages where the woman has more education are more likely to end in divorce.)  Knowing this, God commands a wife to love with her works and a man to love his wife (Ephesians 5:22,25), not to increase in knowledge.  That comes with time and loving care.  Let us investigate the workplace now.  Studies show that intelligence is less likely to please a supervisor than good interpersonal skills.  Even success in academia is more dependent on making your advisers feel important and loved than on how much you learn. +  So, you see, in all of the secular world love is much more attractive than knowing the right thinking. Now, let us turn back to the spiritual realms.  Degreed pastors with poor interpersonal skills are not as successfull in building a following than are loving yet misled ones.  This largely explains the phenomenal success of the Mormons.

Church growth prefers love to knowledge            Skip to Our role in the renaissance

What this means to our ministries
Some missionaries and missions that are still doing things as they did in prior generations will oppose us even though they might be from a church that carries an evangelical or protestant name.  They will resist the return to the Gospel of grace.  I have already suffered slander and lies as the Mafia has tried to strangle the Kingdom growth.  We must not get distracted but stay the course of love and truth.  God's People will grow because they will have God's blessing.

For an understanding of the religious climate here in Romania with regards to personal purity, read my article "Romanian Faiths and Their Affect on Purity"
    For more information on how Repenters are affecting Romania, read Historical Parallels: Romania  (Century XXI) v. Portugal (Century XVII)  +++

Children at the
Turcan hospital

+ For more on this topic, read Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
++Though reports are that once you get in, the legalism hits and it is hard to get back out.

+++La Brie L.         Biserica Vox Domini, Timisoara 15 iulie 2001

         Above:  Children at the Louis Turcanu hospital
of the grads of our computer course with the guest of honorAlbertin in the
new computer lab
Four of the graduates of the computer course with the guest of honor.  Albertin in the new computer lab.
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AIDS work One problem we are adressing in Romania is the lack of education     .  Richard Easterlin wrote, "Wider schooling typically precedes rapid    growth,"+*+  + * many Repenters have told me that   they thought education  gets  in the way of faith. One pastor wrote  that the pursuit of life on  other   planets  was killing  people and wasting money. & I am sure he is unaware of how he benefits from the scientific advances that NASA and Sputnik yielded. 
The work with children who are HIV-positive continued in the Victor Babes and Louis Turcanu Hospitals. Now, we have dozens of children rotating through the hospital to receive daily education, counseling, and Bible education. Often, in addition, we have the opportunity to serve them with medication, to bathe them, and to hold them accountable for personal hygiene. Erika Tonko joined our ministry in December and was trained by Claudia Udrea. Now she is working on her own as Claudia and Tony Udrea moved to Arges in January to work with Aurelia and me in the TB hospital.  Recognition for our work came when Claudia was on national TVRomania news on January 18.  They offered more coverage, but we turned it down. TV-Romania 

The proposals which I formulated for my former organization, SCOP, finally bore fruit as the Day Care was built and started functioning.  I have handed over my SCOP involvement to others and have developed a cooperation with Greater Europe Mission to supervise Erika so that I can concentrate on Arges.

+*Journal of Economic Perspectives, Winter 2000
*+*  "   Biserica si Stiinta"
&  Macavei T.          Geocentricitate in teologie
Mariana's words, "Oana knows how to read!" were beautiful to hear. Oana is an 9-year old orphan with tan skin and dark hair.  Deprived of love in an orphanage in Bucuresti, she developed behavioral problems and attention deficiency that used to get her thrown out of all her classes. Although in second grade, she didn't know her alphabet. (The letter 'p' was brought to her by Francis Friend of Lehigh U.) Aurelia's work has started turning her around. Now she attends over half her classes as she knows that Aurelia won't tutor her if she doesn't. Now, she can read! 

The second reason why Mariana's words were beautiful was because last year, even at 9-years old, Mariana couldn't speak. They told me she needed an operation. "Dr." Laurent did the job without making an incision--just some intensive therapy including grasping her jaw and lips to help her form the sounds. In fact, she speaks so well that when Tony arrived he couldn't tell that she had had a problem. Mariana had gone home but her parents, impressed by her progress, found that she didn't receive the specialized attention in the public schools that she gets with us. She not only speaks but is our second best quoter of Bible-verses.

In April, six-year-old Rodica could not identify any colors or count to ten. After only 5 months, thanks to the help of Aurelia Dogar and Tony, she can now identify 16 colors and count to 50. 

Apathy was prevalent among the 80 children at the TB hospital, until we started rewarding them for achievement each semester.  Now, they literally claw their way over each other to be chosen for tutoring and  cry   when they can't get instruction but every 3-4 days. The change in virtually     all the children is remarkable. The prominent reason is also the most controversial     part of our work--God. He is the one who changes hearts and minds. Our  experience  confirms the research that shows "schools with a distinctive character, including  faith-based schools, are more effective than [others]."*    Peter Barnes,  an AOG pastor, reports that dozens of children made commitments   to Christ  at the summer camp this year.  (See picture below) These and others who have come to know the Lord are the salt of the hospital. Claudia and Tony moved down to  help us during the period from January to July. With the school director, we are pioneering new fields of education in Romania. 

We opened a computer lab at the hospital, making computer education      available to the poorest of southern Romania's poor. The computers are   being  used by students in my classes, by the director drawing up organizational      documents and by doctors to access journal articles. They have developed     better administration and even started a student newspaper, Le Crayon .    Because of my medical connections by computer and Internet, I was able to alert doctors to two medications that they use, Rifampin and Pyrazinamide,    which have been noted in America as causing liver problems. They will slightly modify their treatment techniques here in a country where hepatitis and overconsumption of alcohol ravish the liver. 

Claudia's work with the nursery school children was of vital importance to their future lives. A National Institute of Health study has found a link between "child aggressiveness and day care - The more hours that toddlers spend in child care, the more likely they are to turn out aggressive, disobedient and defiant by the time they are in kindergarten."**  In the hospitals where we work, the children spend not 8 hours but thrice that. 

* Glenn CL. "The teachers' muddle." Wilson Quarterly Autumn 1999, p. 55 and Rand Corporation's "High Schools with Character". 1990


Valea Iasului Hospital

of the kids with whom we work at the Valea Iasului Hospitalkids enjoy the
camp we
held at the Valea
Iasului hospital
Some of the kids with whom we work.  They enjoyed the
camp we held at the Valea Iasului hospital

Community Education Our community education includes the following programs: 
  • Evangelistic English lessons
  • youth investigative Bible study 
  • grade school Bible study
  • Youth group

In response to our prayers, the evangelistic English lessons have continued and the weekly group remains the size I prefer for one-on-one  work, four to eight children. There was so much interest in Bible studies  that a second one was started for younger children. These children cannot get enough of our Bible study but are constantly banging on my door for  more. 

These children of Orthodox backgrounds have heard the Gospel and have had a chance to response. We will begin basic Christian studies. From here, we pray that, as school begins, word will spread and this group will grow to 4-8 children as well. 

The Sunday evening Bible study of the Wonderful Spirit-Filled Life by Charles Stanley continues.  The host of the house church where I used to preach has wed his daughter to a Repenter missionary.  Soon afterwards, I received letters from the leader and his new family member.  They explained that if I continued practicing hermeneutics and would not accept the necessity of a headcovering for women, I could no longer take communion.  It was clear to all that the group got hijacked by the Scottish Repenter.  As Matthew 10:14 advocates, I dusted off my shoes and took the Gospel to a more receptive crowd.

God's answer to our prayer for a Christian employee with initiative, sales skills, and technical knowledge to expand this work and make it self-sustaining has not yet been answered as we hoped.  As we wrote in our annual report last year, a knowledge of the Gospel, capitalism, and computer are three rarities in Romania. 
  Graduates, including Valea Iasului
Subject 1999 2000 2001
Typing 3 8 8
Word 0 2
Excel 0 0 2
e-mail/Internet 0 0 3

helps Cristina with her r'sItalian friends
inspired with a world vision.

Aurelia teaches Cristina to read.  Some Italian friends inspired to a world vision. is first for "Christian humanitarian in Romania".  This has enabled people to find out about our work and join in our Campaign of Grace.

Over Christmas, I translated files to allow Romanian to join the many languages that can be used on Linux-based IMP e-mail around the world.    As far as I know, it is the only on-line e-mail program in Romanian, so it opens up electronic communication to monolingual RomaniansMike Quaranta of Lehigh and I hope it will be available to all Romanians domestic and in diaspora as we have made it available as such. I have seen people use it in several Internet cafes. 

In May, climbed to become the top Christian library in Romania, a position it still holds. It is also the site of choice for people wanting to know about salvation by grace and it is cited 7th for those who are looking for a refutation of "salvation by works". My research article about woman's headcovering is the first one cited also. This is a very hot topic and divisive among Repenters.   Hopefully,  they will catch the Gospel presentation and come to know the  Lord. 

The work assisting and fostering cooperation between the Romanian Christian workers. 1. The Integrity InterNetwork (formerly the eAgenda) and 2.WWW Best Practices Guide

  • Our Integrity InterNetwork is #1 for ethical Romanian missionaries. Itwas established with certain criteria. First, they must  agree to follow Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives.  Secondly, they must accept that the Body of Christ includes believers  in all denominations, including Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant. Twenty people have requested and been granted admission.  We have had considerable success in our work and you can read about it here.  The size of the address book has doubled to over 200 Christians and Christian businesses. While other groups seek a large listing,we are seeking ethical  quality, so our objective is not to impress you with a large number of entries  in the book. 
  • The Best Practices guide is on the Internet at . Four WebPages take some of the mystery out of some of the legal aspects of working in Romania. 
My vision and prayer is to find colaborers in this work.

As I proposed in the last annual report, the Casa Biblica Internet bookstore was completed and God blessed it to become the #1 Italian Christian bookstore on line. 

Christian Management Report accepted my article,"Discerning Justice" for their  October 2001 issue.  You can download it in .pdf form or see page 27 of the magazine.  It outlines some of the things I learned in my career regarding the vital importance of a manager to be fair to his employees.  It will give you an idea of my management technique.

My e-mail on how legalism harms country was so popular that it got published.  By following the link, you can read "Historical Parallels Romania  (Century XXI) v. Portugal (Century XVII)"

Our Romanian tutor, Aurelia Corbeanu, whom I encouraged to publish her writings handed me her first book, saying "I wouldn't have had the courage to do this if it weren't for you." Hope and courage--two key words for the work here.

Written Publications


Support $US Cash only 
Excluding goods
General Ministry
Year-to-year Increase
  +77% +104%
Special Projects      
AIDS Medicine    
200,000 offered but not accepted
Romanian Family Assistance    
V.I. Hospital Evangelization  
V.I. Hospital Assistance  
GRAND TOTAL (Offered)/Received 9885 18,418 39,015

Year-to-year Increase
  +86% +112%

  God has continued to bless the work here beyond anything that I could ask  or imagine. Last year, even without doing any fundraising,  God brought us to 100% funding. 

      Because I am firmly against the dependency and character weakening which    is caused by giving handouts, we tried to find people to work for the children.  We have not found people with the minimum level of ethics and Gospel understanding in Arges which would be necessary to construct a self-sustaining ministry.  We were offered 200,000 dollars in medication through Go Ye Fellowship but the political situation in Romania made the hospital turn down the donation.  Thus, the situation in Romania is limiting the growth of the work here. 

It has been proposed by donors and my supervisor that we develop our spiritual work in Italy in 2002.

            Last year saw the first decline in the number of donors.  One donor from New Zealand has become a missionary.  Otherwise, non-US support would have increased.

I will take steps to recover some of the donors that did not donate last year through personal letters.


Diversity CY 1997 CY 1998 CY 1999 CY 2000  CY 2001 (Projected)
Number of donors (excluding special projects) 5 33 43 56 48
Percentage from 4 largest donors 100 43 37 36 37
Percentage from outside USA 0 3 6 3 2


  FY1998 FY1999 FY2000 FY 2001
Missionaries Supported 1 2 3 2
Short-term or part-time missionary-months 3 9 19
Total missionary-months 15 33 55 67
Year-to-year Increase   +120% +67% +22%
Annual turnover in personnel 0 0 0 20%

Growth in personnel has been healthy. We have been able to integrate new people well.  The person who I mentioned impressing us last year was Erika and she is hired and doing well. However, as mentioned in last year's annual report, the difficulty finding qualified people has been difficult.  For this reason, we want to start looking internationally for these people and to build a team. 

Also as aluded to last annual report, we could not keep a 0% annual turnover but had to let one person go for disciplinary reasons.  Claudia left with her husband after two years of faithful service.  I pray the Lord's best for them.

The short-term teams we have had have been mature people  who have glorified the Lord in their work.  alluded 

Alana, our New Zealand Nurse volunteer returned from England again this year and worked several months among the orphans.  Dana, a short-termer that pioneered the AIDS ministry is now a long-term missionary in the Ukraine with Good Sports.  Gretchen, who came with me to Romania on a short-term trip, is now a missionary in Poland.  We pray for the success of these missionaries who first tried their wings with us. 

navigator for ministry reports

  A Glimpse into 2002

            Here is where I get to present our  projections for the future of Go Ye's ministry here in   southcentral Europe. Our vision  has widened to incorporate Italy.    I will break down our plan into those two countries. 
  1. Teach Bible studies.
  2. Inspire a world vision, partnering Italian churches with Romanian ministries.
  3. Move the Casa Biblica to become more recognized on the Internet.
  1. repair a bathroom at the TB hospital.
  2. through a partnership with Greater Europe Mission, to continue the work with AIDS children. 
  3. through a partnership with the AoG, to continue the work at the TB hospital.
  4. continue to expand the Internet work.
  5. publish a series of articles on child development.

2002 will have its challenges and opportunities. Through God we can make the best of both.  Aurelia, Erika and I thank you for your participation in this ministry. It is an exciting era.

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