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Note: All photographs are copyrighted by the photographer, Laurent J. LaBrie.
You are permitted to electronically duplicate these photographs without alteration.

Thank you.

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Orphanage Improvements | Reparazioni al orfanotrofano
Hospital Repairs | Reparazioni all'ospedale
Children's Day at the hospital 2004
Other artistic pictures | Altre foto artistiche

Catalin and Georghe

Gelu and I












Catalin , 1998.................................................Gelu and I, 1998

Orphans performing traditional folk dances26704_02.jpg



Apartament Buildings, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 1997






An Orphan performing a traditional folk dance, 1997













Two shots of Art market in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

























Little Girl from Chiappas, Mexico, 1996

Orphan from Bughea de Jos gets his Hepatitis B vaccination, 1997










Orphans showing their puppet crafts, 1997


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