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We must all team together to end the socialist agenda of Obama and Pelosi

Post these prominently in your car windows, at work, etc.

Warning Obama:  Kicking may self inflict head trauma

Warning Obama: Kicking may self inflict head trauma
Obama announced that he had to find out "
whose ass to kick" regarding the oil spill. Foul language like that is not fitting for a leader. This was a typical perspective from someone always oriented to blame someone for a problem without solving it. It also showed him to be a man of violence. Yet, he is as much to blame for the spill as anyone, since he didn't enact the burn from day one as was in the plan, he rejected clean-up equipment from other countries, his team gave the rig a safety award, the government missed 16 of 60 inspections in the previous 5 years, the Coast Guard under his command stopped the skimmers for a day to inspect for fire extinguishers and life jackets, and many other things. So, clearly he should be kicking his own but his head is up there, so this could be dangerous.

See also our take on what 0bama's first day on the job was like.

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