Abstract: Photos of the religious wedding between Laurent J.La Brie and Aurelia Dogar at Evangelical Lutheran Church, Timisoara, Romania, June 8, 2002. Pictures by Andy LaBreche. Le foto del matrimonio religioso di Laurent J. La Brie e Aurelia Dogar alla Chiesa Evanghelica Luterana, Timisoara, Romania. Church wedding pictures. religious wedding pictures

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Wedding Pictures

The Internet's favorite religious wedding

Il nostro matrimonio religioso

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Timisoara, Romania 8.VI.2002
All but the last picture by Andy LaBreche


See the pictures that didn't make the family album (humour) | Vai a vedere le foto da ridere
Bride and groom before the altar

Il processione | The procession

The Internet's favorite bride and groom

Bride and groom before the priest

Ithe candle ceremony
Il ceremonio con le candele.  Due vite da fuoco a una nuova vita assieme.
The candle ceremony.  Two lives extinguished to light one together.
The brideThe Internet's favorite bride and groom

photo by Cornel

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