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Help for Redhat Linux 9.0 (and 8.0)

Problems opening Mozilla mail.

Often times when your Linux box is abruptly shut down, like when the energy goes off, you find that you can't re-open your Mozilla mailbox.  Instead, you get the message, "Mozilla cannot use the profile, "X" because it is in use. Please choose another profile or create a new one. The solution is usually simple.

Go into your /home/xxuserxx/.mozilla directory (since it has the . in front, it is normally hidden)

You will probably find a file called "lock".  Delete that and you are ready to go.

If you get the "Select User Profile" dialog box and you hit the "Start Mozilla" button and nothing happens, you may have to de-install and reinstall Mozilla. First make sure you have the RedHat Linux system CD's so that you can reinstall after you deinstall. Log in as root user. Go to the Package Manager and in the Graphical Internet section, deselect all the items starting with "mozilla" and also "galeon". Click on the "update" or "continue" button (I'm not sure what the label is). Then go back in and reselect all those items and click on the same button. After I did this, Mozilla worked like a charm.

Mozilla problems sending e-mail

At one point, I could connect to the Internet, use my browser to bring up pages and even retrieve messages, but not send any. What I found was that I had my routing table set to have the foreign ISP router as my default gateway so the table appearedas follows: [foreign ISP address] UG 0 0 ippp0
I found that I had my isdnup file programmed for static addressing and my /etc/ppp/ioptions.ippp0 was dynamic.

At one point, I had problems with my folders appearing but not my messages, despite my copying my .../.mozilla/[username]/[random-numbered-folder] backup in its original place. What I fould worked was if I enter .../.mozilla/[username]/[random-numbered-folder]/Mail/[mail-account-name]/ and copied my backup folders in there. prefs.js has information about your file structure also, since when I replaced it, message information wasn't available although folder information remained. Impab-[x].mab contains information on which people in your address book belong in which mailing lists.

Mozilla problems receiving/reading e-mail

At one point, I was finding that my preview list of folders on the left side of Mozilla's window screen was showing that I had more e-mails in my inbox folder than I could then find when I opened the folder.  The first message was dated in 1970 or so but had no subject and no content when it was highlighted or opened.  

Concurrent with this problem was that while downloading and receiving mail I would see in the bottom brown bar that a large number of e-mails were being received, i.e. 1 of 10, 2 of 10, 3 of 10, etc.  Then, instead of 10, I found only 6 in the box.  First I thought that I ws using some kind of filtering that I had forgotten I had enacted.  Checking the filtering, I found that this was not the case.  

What ended up resolving the problem was compacting the folders.  In the pulldown menu under File click on Compact Folders.  Instantly, 20 messages appeared in the box.  All of them were ironically and strangely enough named Job Offer....  Strange but true.  Hope one bears fruit!  Anyway, compacting folders must be done for each individual account.

This bug seems to manifest itself at other times as well. For instance, I tried sending e-mails and when I would look in the Unsent Messages folder, there would be non there! Numerous attempts yielded the same result. I reinstalled Mozilla several times to no avail. What ended up working was going into the folder and compacting it--see paragraph above for details.

Problems ftp'ing

I had a problem using ftp on a site while I could on another site.  It would seem to work but would transfer no information using mput.  After checking that I had it off passive mode (since the site didn't use that mode), I could not get it to work.  I discovered my hard drive had bad sectors and so I bought another one.  The problem was solved.

Error:  bash: ./ltuninst: Permission denied

Although "Permission denied" can occur with any other program, often the culpret is that the program is not executable.  There are two remedies.  
  • Either run "chmod 700 ltuninst" in bash
  • or in the windows browser right click on the file and click on "Properties".  In the dialog window click on the "Permissions" tab and then check the boxes under "Exec".

I had a lot of problems getting ISDN to work

First let me give you information about my system: Parameters: RedHat Linux 9.0, Asuscom ISDN Link (P-IN100-ST-D)PCI card with HFC chip, AMD Athlon Microprocessor

Although the site was good, I found that I primarily used

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To get a full narrative how to set up an ISDN connection, click here.

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