life, love, happiness, eternal life, eternal love, eternal joylife, love, happiness, eternal life, eternal love, eternal joy
Archangel Gabriel Welcome, pilgrim, I am Gabriel, angel and messenger of the Most High.*  I will be thy escort on this pilgrimage that thou hast embarked upon.   As we angels have the habit of doing, I shall appear and disappear throughout.  (Rather obnoxious, huh?)  However, when thou hast need of me, the Lord sees to it that thou hast my assistance.

Our other companion will be the Holy Spirit, Who is presently right beside thee.  He hath brought thee here today and will be speaking to thy heart.  Thou hast need of Him as life is a perilous journey. 

I would also recommend that thou takest the Word of the Most High with thee. In any case, after thou hast made thy choices, I shall refer to it to explain a truth.

Open the next scroll.

* For more on  Gabriel, see Luke 1